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    The original 7 Justice League members unite in Nicholas Hyde’s new set of DC comics / film poster designs. Get the entire set of 12” x 16” posters for $100 or individually for $19 each at Etsy.

    Justice League Posters by Nicholas Hyde (Etsy) (Society6) (Twitter)

    Submitted by: Nicholas Hyde

    With new additions to his popular social media / video game propaganda poster collection, Aaron Wood’s selling each 11” x 17” print on Etsy for $8. 

    Propaganda Posters by Aaron Wood (Etsy)

    Via: Geeks Are Sexy

    Artist Paul McCue took a collection of Star Wars / Transformer toys and gave them all a Steampunk makeover. The wearable helmets and AT-ST Walker are available to buy at his Etsy store for a good chunk of change.

    Geeky Steampunk Gear by Paul McCue (Etsy) (Twitter)

    Custom MAME Arcade Controller, Sanwa Buttons and Joysticks - by Travis Chen

    Develop your own theme and custom color scheme with Travis to create a truly one of a kind piece. The joystick/arcade 6-button layout matches that of the standard Japanese arcade. Made with the finest components.

    Available for $250 USD at Aristomatic.