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    Recuerdo algunos de los videos que nos mostraron al entrar a la carrera para mostrarnos un poco de lo que seriamos capaces de lograr egresando… uno de los que mas me gustó fue este  que lo disfruten.


    New t-shirt designs on Game & Graphics store, at sale now!

    The fist one is a mashup between Beemo from Adventure Time and its main inspiration, the classic Game Boy.

    The second one is a very limited edition, a special design with a lot of things we really love here in Game & Graphics - and a color palette that works as a tribute to the 8bit Famicom. This design is also available in postcard format.

    The third one is inspired in the graphics of one of the most popular Game & Watch handheld ever, Donkey Kong. Also in postcard format.

    You can buy them in our store, for 17 € each.

    Designed by Daruma Studio for Game & Graphics.



    This badass mashup between Marvel’s Merc with a Mouth and Metal Gear Rising’s Raiden (titled “Deadpool Rising for Fun) comes courtesy of the talented BossLogic.  He created both versions with a combination of action figures and Photoshop.

    (via Obvious Winner)


    Pixelated Haunted Mirror

    ianbrooks: Grab yourself an IOIO board, an antique mirror, and a specialized Android app and you can upload your own static and moving images, set to a proximity sensor that boots up when somebody approaches, hopefully scaring the pixelated bejeezus out of them.

    Catch all the How-To’s over @Instructables